Time to shine: Nails as lovely as your engagement ring

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  • Friday, April 26, 2019
Time to shine: Nails as lovely as your engagement ring
Time to shine: Nails as lovely as your engagement ring

When your significant other puts that engagement ring on your finger, you just know that nothing will be the same again. Just this one piece of jewellery changes so much. Against this backdrop, a regular mani falls short, especially when preparing for an engagement photo shoot, engagement party or even just showing off that ring on your finger.


Get the basics right


At the very heart of engagement lies the desire to create a solid foundation and the same applies to your mani. Before you can even think of decorating your nails and making them as impressive as your engagement ring, you need to make sure that you show your nails and cuticles some loving first. Essie Apricot Cuticle Oil goes all out in protecting your cuticles from dryness as well as providing some much-needed moisturisation.


Square up


There are graphic nail art trends to suit any look, whether you have a traditional plain gold wedding band, a diamond ring or a modern custom design. One of these is uniform plaid nail art: elegant in design and relatively easy to achieve.


To get this look, start off with a base coat followed by two high-gloss coats of Essie Nail Lacquer in Saved by the Belle. This feminine baby pink shade with mild blue undertones is downright gorgeous. Using a striping brush (and a contrasting colour), apply thick lines and thinner lines to your nails in a plaid pattern. Finish off your masterpiece by applying a layer of Essie Gel Setter Top Coat.


Top up that sparkle


Little things can make all the difference. Just a little glitter or 3D shimmer strategically applied to your nails can elevate your look like never before. The catch is in the application. Rather than applying glossy glitter all over your nails, fade it in from the tips to the top, or from left to right. You will be surprised at how effective this simple hack is.


Whether you go all out with your manicure or make tiny changes to improve your post engagement nail art creations, your efforts are bound to get noticed. Take a hands-on approach in taking it to the next level.  

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