Tips and tricks on how to make your lips look naturally bigger

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  • Monday, March 25, 2019
Tips and tricks on how to make your lips look naturally bigger
Tips and tricks on how to make your lips look naturally bigger

Not quite convinced that you’re sporting the ‘perfect pout’? No need to curl your lip in frustration. If you are one of those wondering how to make thin lips look fuller, you’ll be pleased to discover how easy it actually is to make your pout appear bigger and more luscious without opting for Botox or fillers. Here’s how.


Use Nude Lipstick

Grab two different shades of nude lipstick – one that almost perfectly matches your own lip shade and one that’s a few shades lighter. Apply the first lipstick as you usually would and finish off by dotting the lighter coloured one onto the centre portion of both your lips. Blend using your fingertip. The result is an immediate boost to your smacker. This technique is on everyone’s lips – literally and figuratively!


Invest in a Natural Lip Plumper

There’s a wide range of natural lip plumper products that can help make your lips look fuller. Most contain ingredients like menthol or cinnamon which lightly irritate the delicate skin on the lips, causing subtle swelling. Well, no pain, no gain! Nah. We’re just kidding. You shouldn’t feel anything more than a slight tingle once the product has been applied.



Dry lips don’t reflect light so they could be making your kisser appear a lot smaller than it really is. Use a bit of petroleum jelly and sugar on your fingertip to aid in getting rid of any flaky pieces.


Extend your Lip Line

This is a tricky one, so approach with caution. Do it right, and you’ll look like a pouty goddess. Do it wrong, and it’ll look like you’ve applied your makeup in the dark. Use concealer to mask your natural lip line before following with a lip liner that matches your lipstick. Fill in the rest with a lipstick of your choosing. The secret here is to overdraw the lip line ever so slightly.

When it comes to big lips, sometimes you’ve gotta fake it to make it. Don’t worry – we won’t tell anyone. Our lips are sealed!    

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