Top nail shapes and what they do for you

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  • Tuesday, July 3, 2018
Top nail shapes and what they do for you
Top nail shapes and what they do for you
Nails come in different shapes and sizes, but not all will prove helpful when you want to type or pull coins from your handbag. Always consider whether your desired nail shape will get in the way of your daily activities when choosing the right one for you. Here are few nail shapes to get you inspired. 




This shape is a classic that will always be trendy. Round is made for people who love short nails and hate a fuss, but activities that make use of nail tips – like scratching – won’t always be easy. 




It’s a feminine, elongated version of round nails, and is one of the most user-friendly nail shapes. The oval shape makes your fingers appear slim and your nails will look striking with a single colour painted on.  




Square provides the best canvas for creating nail art designs because it has the most surface area. Most fans of square nails like the vampy look of wearing them long, but this can have its own drawbacks – the 90-degree angles of the edges need to be maintained carefully. If not, they'll keep catching on clothing and pulling threads.




This square oval shape is one of the more strongly structured nail types. It’s a great way to get the trendy square look while preventing any chips thanks to its more rounded corners and straight tips. 




Almond-shaped nails are great for nail art because of their long, curved, extended tip, while their elongated shape makes nail beds appear slimmer. Due to their length, activities that require touch from your fingertips (such as opening cooldrink cans and picking up coins) may take you longer. 




Inspired by femme fatales, super-sharp stiletto nails are severely limiting as they make activities that require sensitivity or precise application (inserting contact lenses, threading needles) and fingertip touch (writing, typing, texting) more complex. 




Long and square with the sides filed off, this shape is reminiscent of a ballet slipper (or a coffin, which is why they’re also known as coffin nails). They are sweet and striking, and best for people with strong nail beds. This shape also makes nails quite delicate, so activities like washing dishes may become a problem. 




Meant to imitate the angle of lipstick raised out of a tube, this shape is unconventional and quirky, but may be limiting when it comes to daily activities. The angles also make an uncomfortable hook for loose threads or hair. 




Also known as duck feet nails, this shape flares out for tips that are wider than the nail bed. This shape should be avoided by people with wide nail beds and thick fingers. 




This nail is a stiletto and square mash-up, where the tips are rounded, sharpened and angled to look like an arrowhead. It’s highly fabulous but highly impractical if you want to get any precision work done.  


Mountain Peak


They have shaved corners leading to a triangular sharp tip like the silhouette of a mountain. It’s great for nail art designs that cover just the tip, giving those mountains a snow-capped look that’s subtle but eye-catching. 

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