Top picks to enhance your “no makeup” look

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  • Tuesday, July 3, 2018
Top picks to enhance your “no makeup” look
Top picks to enhance your “no makeup” look

As much as we love dramatic eyeshadow colours and unbelievably bold lips, we need to show love to ourselves and appreciate one thing we all share – natural beauty. The no makeup look is the ultimate guilt-free method for looking perfect in that “blessed by nature” way. However, it has more to do with enhancing your features than deceiving people with a cover-up. Here are the best products for sheer and effortless beauty. 



If the right foundation is used, you may just score a full-face natural makeup look without having to do anything else. Foundations that provide full coverage and feel weightless are the essential beginning of a successful no makeup look. Armani Beauty produces some of the best weightless products, and Armani’s Powder Fabric Foundation is not one to be slept on. It feels like a silk sheet sliding over your skin, and comes in twenty shades to perfectly match all skin tones. 


BB cream

This is a great alternative to wearing full-coverage foundation, and doubles as a skincare product to enhance the quality of your skin. Garnier BB Cream acts as a concealer, sunscreen and moisturiser – an all-in-one package. Squeeze the cream onto your palm, and use a finger or foundation brush to swab onto your face before blending.  



Matte is the way to go. It creates the illusion that you’re wearing nothing, especially if it’s close to your natural lip colour. If you’re not about the flat matte life, and want to add some spice to your natural shine, use Lancôme Juicy Tubes for their barely-there shades and the old-school joys of jelly you’ll just love sliding onto your lips. 



Blush is essential for giving your skin a flush of colour so you don’t look washed out. L’Oréal True Match Naturale Blush comes in four all-natural, skin-enhancing colours. Soft Rose will charm fair skin, and Sugar Plum will prove perfect for darker tones. Use the accompanying kabuki brush to apply a conservative amount of blush onto the cheekbone, and then blend accordingly. 



When your face is bare and youthful, you need a powerful glow to make up for the lack of colour. NYX Professional Makeup Bright Idea Illuminating Stick is a dream-come-true strobing stick that reflects light off your face and breathes life into your skin. It comes in gorgeous blush and bronzy colours: Pinky Dust will melt onto fair complexions, and Topaz Tan blends perfectly into darker skins. Apply above the cheeks, to the forehead, the bridge of the nose and the Cupid’s bow. 

Keep the makeup minimal if you want to stay fresh-faced and youthful with your no makeup look, and remember that nudes that disappear into your skin colour are your best friend. The only thing left to complete your no makeup look is to carry your glow with confidence, and flaunt your flawless features with pride.


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