Trending nail colours for Autumn 2018

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  • Tuesday, July 3, 2018
Trending nail colours for Autumn 2018
Trending nail colours for Autumn 2018
Wave goodbye to the bright purples and neon greens of summer. We’re just too cool for that now. This autumn, the trendiest nails are moody and demure hues derived from their bold, brightly coloured parents, to help tone your look down as it gets cooler. Looking for interesting mixes and unique blends for a little inspiration? These are the coolest colours for autumn…    


The most popular autumn colour since forever, it combines the hues of the season with the classic reds we all know and love. You want your nails to look delicious enough to eat, so seek out a flattering, lighter wine colour with purple and red undertones to keep your nails shining for the whole season.  

Metallic silver

Grey’s glammed-up cousin came in through the back door of summer trends and is now spilling over into autumn. Think glass skyscrapers and luxury pearls in liquid form. Lancôme Olympia Le Tan Le Vernis in Moderato shines bright like a disco ball, so you won’t go unnoticed when gripping your coffee cup.  


This is to complement the most popular shades for your winter jackets and overcoats. Olive green is perfect with brown, white and beige clothing, so it’s an essential for this season in shades ranging from a gentle sage to a darker, military-inspired brown-green. Aim for rich, glossy tones to ensure a look that’s natural and neutral without being muddy. 


Neutral without being boring, grey is back and better than ever! This isn’t the dull colour confined to creepy corridors and budget hotel hallways. It’s hard-wearing and subtly glamorous, and you can choose from the dangerously hardcore gunmetal greys, to softer and more feminine shades.


The colour that can go with anything gets a serious upgrade this season. This can be a creamy nude, or something with drops of a soft pink like Urban Decay Naked in Walk of Shame. Anything goes with this most versatile shade, but for best results, match it to your natural skin tone for that naked nail look.  


For autumn, we’re talking the duller, softer blues with hints of grey and light green, like NYX Professional Makeup Nail Lacquer in Dolphin Dream. The blue is creamy and delivers a high shine to match your cool mood for the whole season. Save the brighter blues for summer – they look out of place in colder weather and could have you missing the mark completely.    

To keep the colours fun, always opt for a glossier finish, so you won’t have to settle for dullness the whole season. Keep them rich and classy, because true style never goes out of season.


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