Turn on the UV lights - We're going neon!

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  • Thursday, October 11, 2018
Turn on the UV lights - We're going neon!
Turn on the UV lights - We're going neon!
What was once considered the look of a raver planning on enjoying an all-nighter dance session, has since turned into a trend that’s brightening up runways everywhere. While neon light makeup is not exactly an everyday look, we can’t help but find ourselves mesmerised by this fluorescent light-inspired movement that quite literally leaves your face glowing. Here are a few of our favourite looks.  

Hypnotising Eyes

Most effective when paired with dark eyeshadow, using neon eyeliner adds a pop of electric colour that draws all the attention to your blinkers. With a variety of patterns to choose from, a popular look is applying the eyeliner along the top crease of your eyelid, allowing it to flick out at the end. 
shocking neon pink eye shadow

Glowing Lips

Neon lipliner is all the rage with women opting to outline a darker lip shade for added effect. It’s a simple addition that turns an already powerful lipstick look into something completely unique. Trace along the outside of your lip line for a plumped up look worthy of the runway.  
pink and deep blue blush

Eyebrow Art

Outlining the underneath of your eyebrow arch is a beautifully simple way to embrace the neon makeup trend without going all out. Not only will it add a pop of colour to your makeup look, it’ll also accentuate your eyes in all the right ways. 
women turqoise eye shadow

Facial Recognition

 Forget limiting this look to only certain facial features. Neon makeup is being used all over face (and body) for an artistic glow that demands attention! Pair with neon lips and colourful mascara and you’ve got yourself a club-inspired look that will have heads turning for all the right reasons.
floresent makeup art

We’ve given you yet another reason to dress up and paint the town red (or, neon!) so, gather the gals and make the most of a trend that’s truly Gram-worthy.

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