Unique eye colours and their makeup enhancers

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  • Friday, December 21, 2018
Unique eye colours and their makeup enhancers
Unique eye colours and their makeup enhancers

We’ve looked at some of the biggies when it comes to eye colour (brown, blue, green and hazel), and the eye makeup shades that complement them best. But what about your options if you’re one of those girls with an extremely rare eye colour – like grey, violet and amber-yellow? Alternatively, maybe you’re mixing things up with exotic, coloured contact lenses and want to know what cosmetic shades will take your look to the next level? After all, you’ve made so much effort already. Well, these are your best makeup options for the most unusual eye colours on the planet.


Grey eyes

Much like hazel, grey eyes are a mix of shades with chameleon properties... which you can turn to your beauty advantage. One minute they look bluer; the next they’re leaning to green, largely because of the colours in their vicinity. When choosing your eye makeup then, consider the impression you wish to make. For example, if you want to skew the appearance of your irises green, use a contrasting plum or salmon pink eye shadow. To play up the greyness, meanwhile, grey tones – from black and charcoal to shimmery silver – are a must. You’re spoilt for choice in terms of grey eyeshadow palettes, but if you want to bring the spectrum to your liner, and do something different, get your paws on NYX Professional Makeup Metallic Eyeliner in Silver.


Violet eyes

Mysterious, evocative and celebrated for their movie star associations, violet eyes – which tint various shades of purple – are a gift. Despite their rarity, violet eyes are versatile in terms of their colour pairings, with only yellow and turquoise not recommended. This eye colour was born for the denim blue eye makeup trend, which can be achieved using NYX Professional Makeup Prismatic Eyeshadow in Blue Jeans, and will spotlight the blues in your eyes. If you want to emphasise the grey in your irises, surround them with similar hues. Lighter greys are best for daytime, while a charcoal smoky eye is a sophisticated evening option.

Amber-yellow eyes

Do you want to make your “wolf” eyes, with their mix of gold and honey, more standout? Or, would you prefer to bring out the browns and greens in your irises for a more natural, hazel-esque look? Making that decision will affect your choice of eye makeup. For a highlighting effect, play with the new Urban Decay Naked Cherry Palette, particularly the darker shades, as they sit on the opposite end of the colour wheel to your irises. To go earthy, with a dash of glam, your first choice in shadow shades should be bronze or copper. As for eyeliner picks, black is harsh when paired with amber or yellow eyes. Choose brown, purple or even green instead.

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