Want a perfect pout? Avoid these lipstick mistakes

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  • Friday, December 21, 2018
Want a perfect pout? Avoid these lipstick mistakes
Want a perfect pout? Avoid these lipstick mistakes

For most of us, applying lipstick comes last, and requires little to no effort. Not because we don’t care for our pout, but rather because it’s one of the simpler tasks to complete when perfecting a makeup look. Or is it? Apparently for the longest time, we’ve been making little errors here and there that aren’t doing us, or our lips, any favours. So, here’s what you should consider before next applying your lippie.


Lipliner is a Must

While back in the day, lipliner was considered something only your would mom would use, now it’s a nifty product that can make or break a lipstick look. It’ll prevent a colour encircling the outside of your mouth, and any feathering or bleeding that may occur. Plus, it gives the lipstick something to adhere to which is important if you’re looking to have your lippie last.


Stay within the Lines

Seeing as though we’re on the topic of lipliner, another common mistake to avoid is lining your lips outside of your natural lip line. We get that you may be trying to achieve a fuller-lips look, but this isn’t the way to do it. If anything, it causes an obvious line between lipstick and liner resulting in your looking like a 90s popstar. So, precision is key here. Trace a line as closely as you can to your natural line for an easily blendable look.


Exfoliate before Application

It may seem like an unnecessary step, but you’ll be amazed at the difference it makes. Lipstick is notorious for accentuating dry, chapped spots and any fine lines visible on the lips so it’s super- important to rid yourself of these before puckering up. Exfoliating your lips also helps your lippie to last longer because of the smooth, even canvas you’re applying it to.


Avoid Layering Up

If you’re anything like us, applying a good lip balm is the first step to achieving the perfect pout. The mistake made here however, is applying your lipstick too soon after applying the balm. That’s going to result in a mix of products that don’t gel well together. Also, by doing this you’re going to take away from the colour pigment of the lipstick. So, allow for your lip balm to soak in before rushing onto the next step.


Always Set your Lippie

There are two ways of ensuring your lipstick stays put. One, is to apply a clear primer to the lips before applying your lippie. Second, is to dust some translucent setting powder over your lips as a final step. Doing so will lock everything in place and allow for a longer-lasting look. Try Face Studio Master Fix Setting & Perfecting Loose Powder by Maybelline for a natural-looking finish that lasts all day long.

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