We’re channelling all things Japanese animated film for this makeup look

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  • Monday, March 25, 2019
We’re channelling all things Japanese animated film for this makeup look
We’re channelling all things Japanese animated film for this makeup look

If you’ve ever seen a Japanese anime film, you’ll know all the female characters tend to resemble beautiful life-like dolls. Anime makeup is all about highlighting the face’s most striking features- your eyes, skin and lips. And, truth be told– we’re loving it! After all, who doesn’t want to know how to emphasise these areas of the face?

Here’s how to achieve this relatively minimalist makeup look, while highlighting the most lusciously feminine parts of your face:


Step 1: Prepare your skin

After you’ve cleansed and moisturised your skin, apply a primer to the most porous areas of your face- generally the forehead, nose and chin. Then, dab a little bit of primer over your eyelids and pat gently into the skin.

Once your primer has settled into the skin, apply concealer to your undereye area and over any blemishes or pigmentation Blend with a dry, not damp, beauty blender for maximum coverage!

Finish off your face prep by setting it with a loose, translucent setting powder across the shiniest/oiliest areas of your face.


Step 2: Frame your face

The best way to make your eyes pop? Frame them with a beautifully-shaped set of eyebrows! Japanese anime characters tend to wear their brows straight and defined. If this is not your vibe, follow the natural shape of your brows and fill in with a brow pencil or pomade. Set with a clear brow gel so they stay shaped all day.


Step 3: It’s all about the eyes

This is where things get a little more intricate. Typically, Japanese anime characters have a vulnerable look about them because of their large, doll-like eyes, so it’s all about how the eyeshadow looks.

In order to recreate this look, go for a peachy neutral shade and sweep this across your entire lid and down under your lower lash line. Then use a shimmery champagne shade to highlight and emphasise your lower lash line and the inner corner of your eye to make it look all the more enlarged. To really seal in the effect, go for a light brown shade under the shimmery champagne to create a defined line. If you want to vamp up the look for a little bit of fun, colour over the champagne shade with a glitter liner.

Define the rest of your eyeshadow on your upper lid with a reddish-orange shade, working from the outer corner towards the inside. Concentrate most of the shade in the outer corner to make your eyes look wider and bigger. Apply a shimmery, glittery shade to the centre of your eyelid for some sparkle. Use a liquid eyeliner to define the eyeshadow look, creating a larger eyeliner ‘wing’ than you usually would for a more dramatic effect. Finish off with lashings of lengthening and volumising mascara or eyelash extensions if you wish!


Step 4: Blush and highlight

Tie the anime look together with a rosy blush to the cheeks, the tip of the nose and chin. Highlight your cheekbones with a touch of highlighter, while also applying to the tip of your nose and Cupid’s bow.


Step 5: Plump it up

Finally, to finish off this sultry, doll-like look, apply a light rosy shade of lipstick to your lips – you can also line them with a darker shade of pink for more definition. Cover with a layer of gloss for a plump, voluptuous lip look.

Have fun with this makeup look and channel your inner Japanese anime girl!

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