Wedding nail inspiration: 5 striking styles to wear on your big day

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  • Wednesday, September 12, 2018
Wedding nail inspiration: 5 striking styles to wear on your big day
Wedding nail inspiration: 5 striking styles to wear on your big day

The big day is all about finding the perfect hairstyle and makeup – but what about wedding-worthy nails? With so many nail art ideas to choose from, making a decision can sometimes be overwhelming for a bride-to-be. That’s why we’ve narrowed it down to our five favourite ethereal nail designs to consider for your wedding day.  



This iridescent white colour is soft, glamorous and looks like precious pearls. And since this colour isn’t completely white, it won’t disappear into the colour of your dress. You can choose to have your nails marbled or wear opal as a solid nail colour


Long white nails with glitter



A perfect way to imitate the pattern of your veil or vintage gown! This pattern is designed using white paint and a nail art brush, or a piece of veil cut and glued on. For your special day, keep the lace colour design white against bare or nude nails to make sure the intricate pattern is visible on your beautiful nails.  


Nails with creative art design



Something as simple as pressed petal designs are a classic bridal nail style for the ultra-feminine. To stick to the colours of your wedding, match the florals on your nails with your wedding bouquet.


Nails with flower design



Rhinestones are the perfect accessory for the blushing bride. They are popular over French manicures, with small rhinestones glued along the free edge part of the nail.   


nails with creative art designs


Rose gold chrome

The ultimate design when only a luxurious look will do. The reflective chrome will add a touch of modernity to your look and pick up on all the romantic colours of your wedding, from your gown to your flowers.


Bronze polished nails


These are just a few of the options available for beautiful nails on your wedding day. Keep in mind your theme, style and wedding colours before making a final decision – and remember to have fun without overwhelming the rest of your look.

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