Weird but wearable! The wackiest nail trends of the moment

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  • Friday, November 16, 2018
Weird but wearable! The wackiest nail trends of the moment
Weird but wearable! The wackiest nail trends of the moment

Seeing as you no longer have to protect your locks against the damaging dryness of winter, the warmer months are a perfect time to refresh your hair style. The same goes for your makeup – especially your nails. Spring and summer are ideal seasons to play with your look, pushing limits and doing things completely differently.


There are some admittedly very crazy nail ideas out there. But there are also those designs that straddle the fine line between wacky and wearable. Got the guts to go “unusual” next time a special occasion rolls around? Here are our top 3 unconventional nail art picks that have emerged during the past 6 months. Try them out when you’re feeling adventurous!




Basically, here the design doesn’t end with the edges of your nails. Your polish extends beyond your nail bed, spilling onto your fingers and hands. How you realise this effect is really up to you – it can be as OTT or dialled-back as you want. For example, if you’ve painted a design on your nails, the same patterning could spread down the back of your hands. Alternatively, once you’ve applied a glitter polish to your nails, spackle it over all the surrounding skin as well. You could even simply pair your nail colour with a stripe (in a complementary shade) that extends away from your cuticle towards your first knuckle.


Unicorn horns!


Sorry, you’re not pulling off this look on your own. Corkscrew, or unicorn horn, nails – where the nail tip spirals around multiple times – are definitely not achievable with your natural nails. They’re the product of falsies, or a technique where the acrylic tip is shaped around a straw. Paint your nails like a French manicure to confuse onlookers, or emphasise the artificiality of your new look with the addition of glitter and dayglow colours. You could even combine these nails with painted details to create the impression of cat and snake tails.


Shimmer and shatter


Iridescent nails, with their shimmery, opal finish, are nothing new. They’ve been making beauty headlines since 2015. This said, they’re one of those curious looks that have earned themselves a classic seasonal status, and are the most “mainstream” of our 3 faves. You can up the standout factor of these nails in 2018 by introducing a shattered glass effect, where randomly-shaped pieces of multi-hued cellophane are laid over the polish and sealed in with a top coat.  


If all these looks are too far out for you, don’t worry. File them in your memory bank for the next festival day. In the meantime, check out these far more accessible nail art designs,as well as the smoking-hot nail shades you should be rocking this season.



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