We’re cheersing to this makeup look – Bottoms up!

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  • Thursday, December 6, 2018
We’re cheersing to this makeup look – Bottoms up!
We’re cheersing to this makeup look – Bottoms up!

Don’t you just love eye makeup that celebrates your favourite cocktail with tropical flair? Silvery lime and yellow Margarita-inspired makeup is an instant pick-me-up that reminds us of sundowners, palm trees, and relaxed beach vibes. 


Margarita eye makeup is one of the hottest eye makeup trends on Instagram right now, and it’s easy to see why. The look is inspired by everything lime and zesty, the silvery glitter representing the salt-rimmed glass, the yellow-orange liqueur, glorious sunsets, and of course, the fruity flavour of a tequila-infused Margarita!





Margarita eye makeup: Get the look


If you’re wondering how to apply eyeshadow and achieve the perfect sun-kissed Margarita effect (without the hangover) we have the ultimate makeup tutorial for you! 



  • Step 1: Mix your favourite lime and yellow cocktail and allow yourself to be inspired!
  • Step 2: Apply a foundation with 24-hour matte coverage such as the long-lasting NYX Professional Makeup Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Full Coverage Foundation using a beauty sponge.
  • Step 3: Apply Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion to your lids to prevent your eyeshadow from creasing, smudging, and fading.
  • Step 4: Brush a vivid, saturated green eyeshadow over each lid, then blend a deeper granite shadow into the creases. Use the same granite to buff a hint of colour along your upper and lower lash line. We love the Urban Decay Moondust Eyeshadow Palette with its creamy texture, incredible pigment, and wide selection of matte and shimmer hues.
  • Step 5: For a touch of drama to represent the decorative flourish and salty rim that balances the bittersweet Margarita, brush a streak of glitter eyeshadow into your crease and the inner corners of your eyes. You could even use coloured eyeliner to paint a lemon slice near the outer corner of your eye! 
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  •  Step 6: Apply dark winged eyeliner to your upper lash line and finish off with false lashes. If you’re not brave enough for falsies, there are superb mascara products that can help you out.
  • Try L’Oreal Paris False Lash Superstar X Fibre – this two-step mascara includes eyelash primer for voluminous, extra-long lashes.
  • Step 7: Define your brows with a touch of brow gel. If you have light brows and you’re feeling brave, dust them with a little yellow eyeshadow.
  • Step 8: Complete the look with a splash of bright orange lipstick. We love the Maybelline Color Sensational Vivid Matte Liquid in Orange Obsession – this matte lipstick provides the perfect finish to balance this Margarita-inspired makeup look.


This is one of our favourite makeup looks for a night on the town in 2019. If you need something more understated for effortless everyday glamour, take a look at our daily makeup tips and trends. Cheers!





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