What Colour Blush Is Best for You

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  • Tuesday, July 3, 2018
What Colour Blush Is Best for You
What Colour Blush Is Best for You

No makeup look is complete without it. Fully flushed cheeks (and a smile to carry it off) make blush an essential item to light up that gorgeous face of yours. It adds a natural colour to your skin to prevent you from looking washed out and bland, and yes, this also applies to you dark-skinned beauties. However, too many people grab the first shade of reddy-pink and end up with the dreaded clown cheeks. Yikes! Stop blushing in embarrassment by following this guide:  

Blush comes in four main shades: pinks, purples, oranges and browns. These colours are then separated into dark and light hues to match skin tones. The same rules apply when choosing foundation – you work according to your skin’s undertone, not its surface shades. There are warm tones for medium-olive skin, cool tones for fair skin and combinations for dark tones. 


Fair skin

Pinks were created just for you. We’re talking the lightest, girliest baby pinks, corals and peaches, like those in the Maybelline Master Blush palette. If you have more of a yellow undertone to your fair skin, then include a coral-inspired colour in your collection for a highlighted blush.   


Medium/Olive skin

Go with orange hues in coral and apricot as your first choices. L’Oréal True Match Blush in Apricot Kiss works best for you as the light apricot colour will blend well with your golden undertones. When you’re in the mood for a statement colour, turn your cheeks towards Spiced Plum and give your cheeks more than a flush.   


Dark skin

Hues with red tints will show up for the glow up on your dark skin. These can be bronze, copper, raisin and berry tones. We suggest NYX Professional Makeup High Definition Blush in Crimson or Bitten for the most intense shimmery brick reds with rich colour to give your cheeks added colour dimensions and elevate the face’s structure. 

Don’t forget, skin type is also a factor. Stick to powder if you have naturally oily skin and more liquid products if your skin is dry. Happy blushing


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