What sets a makeup boutique store apart?

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  • Thursday, September 13, 2018
What sets a makeup boutique store apart?
What sets a makeup boutique store apart?
Shopping for makeup can be overwhelming to say the least, what with the sheer volume of products available. It’s therefore no surprise that boutique beauty stores are gaining popularity, simply because they offer a far more personalised shopping experience. Here are a few more reasons we’re opting for these alternative ways to purchase your favourite makeup, and our top picks of local boutique stores. 


Instead of walking into a department store and being bombarded by a million salespeople shoving makeup products in your face, a boutique store instead allows you the freedom to browse, but with the luxury of an expert on hand should you need them. This one-on-one time then allows for an informative explanation of the products that catch your eye, as well as recommendations about which would work for your particular skin type and tone. 

Real Product Feel 

So, you’ve walked into a boutique store knowing what you’re looking for, but not sure which exact product is right for you? This is where these stores really shine! The intimacy and personalisation of a boutique allows you a real feel for the products on display and encourages testing of makeup varieties where necessary. The reality is you’re not likely to get this kind of brand experience in a department store that quite literally has it all. 

Value for Money

 Another benefit of boutique stores that specialise in one brand is that the prices will vary, allowing you to purchase according to your pocket. Perhaps you find a foundation you love but just can’t afford to fork out that much money. At a boutique, it becomes that much easier to find a similar product in the same brand family, but one you’re happy to swipe for. 

It’s a no-brainer why we’re so taken with these stores. And fortunately for us, they’re popping up just about everywhere! Sandton City in Johannesburg is a haven for boutique makeup stores and features some of our faves! Enjoy Lancôme, NYX Professional Makeup, Urban Decay and YSL, all in one vicinity. See you there?

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