What to look for when buying your next lippie

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  • Thursday, December 13, 2018
What to look for when buying your next lippie
What to look for when buying your next lippie

Just like a perfectly matched perfume, choosing the right lippie is very personal. And, believe it or not, it’s not just about picking the best lipstick shades that make your pout look irresistible, or worrying which ones are the best for dark skin. We explore five different yet all important features to look for in a great L’Oréal lipstick – the best lipstick brand on our lips right now!


Shimmer and shine

The right lippie is going to draw attention to your pout, right? Well, what better way to do that than with a bit of shine? No, we’re not talking about the embarrassing OTT lip gloss trend of the ‘00s. We’re talking about a subtle glow like the one provided by the radiant range of L’Oréal Colour Riche Lipsticks.

Moisture is a must

Lipstick on cracked, flaky lips is so not a good look. With this in mind, it’s understandable that a quality lippie needs to be rich in moisture. Ultimately, it should help your lips look pampered and cared for. We recommend giving the high impact colour, ultra-moisturising L’Oréal Infallible Le Rouge collection a try.

Be bold

Let your mouth make a statement by choosing a colour that really pops. While natural, nude makeup definitely has its place, there’s nothing quite like a bold lip to demand attention and turn heads. We love the vibrant L’Oréal Colour Riche Shine Lipstick in Glazed Pink.


You want a lippie that doesn’t budge. It needs to be drink-proof, eat-proof and kiss-proof. You need the best long-lasting lipstick, and we’ve been totally won over by the transfer-resistant L’Oréal Infallible Pro-Last Lipcolor – it can last for up to 24 hours!

Amazing aroma

Okay, so this might not be an essential factor when buying a new lipstick. But it’s certainly a bonus! If a beautifully-smelling lipstick puts a smile on your face, you’ll love the new, aromatic L’Oréal Infallible Pro Matte Les Chocolats Scented Liquid Lipstick collection. A must for all chocoholics!

And that’s how it’s done. Follow our advice for choosing the best lipstick, and your flawless makeup look is sure to be on everyone’s lips. 

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