What your palette should be doing for you

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  • Wednesday, September 12, 2018
What your palette should be doing for you
What your palette should be doing for you

Choosing an eyeshadow palette can be tricky, especially if you’re aiming to buy only one. Buying every palette you can get your hands on only makes your morning routine longer and wreaks havoc on your budget too! But how do you make the right choice when the stakes are this high? If you’re going to choose a single palette to live by, here’s how to make sure it fulfils all your eye makeup needs.



Suitable colours

The most important variable – the colours in your palette – must complement and accentuate your eye colour. Make sure it contains everything you would use as everyday looks, plus a few ‘special occasion’ colours to wear on nights out. While you may be tempted to get that full set of bright greens, try rein yourself in and buy a single shade instead, to add to your preferred palette for when you’re in the mood.



You want to be able to create different makeup looks, so a good value palette should have options of matte, shimmery, or satin – which is somewhere in between. Use the matte shades for smoky eyes and sultrier looks and break out the shimmer when you’re feeling playful.


Nude shades

There’s bound to be those days where you’re looking to achieve an understated glam look, or occasions to pull off a ‘no makeup’ makeup look. This is where nude shades will come in handy. Nudes are also an important base for many of the more elaborate eye makeup looks such as cut creases and negative space eyeshadow techniques.


Don’t worry if your palette doesn’t offer all these in a perfect kit. Start with the basics, and add to your collection as you go. And there’s always the option of assembling your own power-palette with empty beauty crates, too! Once you’ve found the ideal combination to suit your lifestyle and your look, we guarantee it’ll become your go-to secret weapon for beautiful eyes.

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