Why a makeup party is a great idea

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  • Wednesday, April 24, 2019
Why a makeup party is a great idea
Why a makeup party is a great idea

Just because you’ve always done something a certain way, doesn’t mean that it can’t be improved upon or enhanced. Instead of celebrating a girl’s night by going to a fancy restaurant, clubbing or having an indoor movie marathon; a makeup party is a great idea to ignite new life into your get-togethers.


It’s a fun and interactive way to mingle with your friends, not to mention that a makeup masterclass is a useful activity that can be beneficial for years to come. Here’s why you’ve got to jump on the makeup party bandwagon without delay.




Makeup parties are more than just getting an expert to tell you what you should and shouldn’t do, and they don’t need to be expensive either. Add to the fun by asking your buddies to bring their makeup bags and tools to the session. While you have a pro’ at your disposal, let them advise you on what you can do with what you have as well as what to discard or add to your makeup kits.



To make your session extra interactive, you can work in pairs to practice what you’ve learnt on each other (as the makeup expert demonstrates). Why not use “Miss Party” as the main model of the day? The more models and volunteers you have among yourselves, the more you can try out different styles and looks in front of the expert and get their advice.


Score freebies

Tasty bubbly, goodie bags and free samples are the order of the day at makeup parties. Even when held at home, many facilitators will be delighted for an opportunity to hand out free samples and offer obligation-free demonstrations of how and when the various makeup brands, textures and looks should be applied. It is a win-win opportunity.


Get personal

Remember not to just soak up the latest beauty tips and tricks, but also ask the pro’ about what would work best for your skin type, the shape of your face, which colours are in this season and more. Ask if your tools are in order (as well as how to use them). You may be surprised by how many sisters use the wrong shade of foundation or wrong application techniques.


List it

It’s like going to the [makeup] doctor. It helps to make a list of what you really want to know or ask ahead of the party. Perhaps you have questions on how to cover up eye bags, how to deal with a sweaty nose or need practical help on applying lashes like a pro.




It can be advantageous to have a few things that you want to cover in your masterclass session, as opposed to quickly rushing through “everything”. Give yourself enough time for practice. Whip out those artificial lashes and put them on and off, and on again until you master what you set out to do.


What’s great about such events is that you can have a makeup expert come to your home, private lounge, office block, hotel or wherever you fancy to celebrate a hen’s night, baby shower or sophisticated birthday celebration.


If y’all are up for an adventure before wining and dining at nearby establishments, then you should head to Sandton City to the Urban Decay or NYX PMU stores to have your masterclass session there. The venues are classy, and the staff are well equipped and professional. They’re the place to be to master your makeup while bonding with friends.



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