Why cushion compact foundations are everywhere now

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  • Tuesday, August 21, 2018
Why cushion compact foundations are everywhere now
Why cushion compact foundations are everywhere now

Once again, we have South Korea to thank for this beauty innovation. The country that made everyone take skin seriously has created the perfect all-in-one foundation. The cushion compact swept into the makeup world and changed our idea of how liquid foundation feels, and what it can do. Expect to find this little trinket flying from makeup counters from now on!


What it is:

Cushion compacts are foundations where the sponge is soaked in BB cream, sunscreen and a serum to barricade against germs. Quite simply, it’s the lightest powder you will never feel on your face. These compacts are a combination of products that moisturise and protect skin, cover and conceal the face, and prevent makeup-to-applicator contamination all at the same time.


Why you’ll love it:

Better Coverage The sponge doubles as a beauty blender while you build your foundation. This means those awkward angles under your chin and around your nose are covered. Once the foundation has reached build capacity, you can blend it evenly without streaks of colour showing.

Skincare + Beauty

Probably the best property of this foundation is how it combines skincare and beauty. Coming from Korea, the skincare capital of the world, it had to be the best of both worlds. The BB cream infused in the sponge hydrates and moisturises the face, while the added sunscreen protects the skin from UV damage. How’s this for serious sun protection? The Urban Decay Naked Skin Glow Cushion Compact Foundation has an SPF of 50+, stronger than many pure sunscreens out there.



Many makeup users swear by one of its best properties – its naked and barely there weightlessness. While powder foundations have a reputation of being quite heavy, the cushion compact is as light as air. The secret is in the foundation’s perforated sponge, allowing air to constantly circulate into these pockets, keeping the formula light. Additionally, since the compact is small, you’ll be using smaller amounts at a time, and this will naturally stop you going overboard – as seen in L’Oréal True Match Lumi Cushion Foundation.



Say goodbye to over-full makeup bags when travelling – especially that liquids-at-the-airport rule that has seen many of us throwing away perfectly good products before getting on a flight – and say hello to small and easy to carry around cushion compacts. Just pop one into a makeup, toiletry or even a handbag and take it everywhere you go – without the mess, and the fear of spills (or airport security guards).


Cushion compacts are a dream, but it doesn’t mean tossing your foundation. They should work in conjunction with your foundation, and be used on those occasions when makeup needs to be kept lighter.


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