Why makeup influencer Zama Marubelela should be on your radar

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  • Monday, March 11, 2019
Why makeup influencer Zama Marubelela should be on your radar
Why makeup influencer Zama Marubelela should be on your radar

The makeup vlogger is all about sharing her passion for all things fashion, beauty and lifestyle with like-minded millennials on her YouTube channel, ZeeXOnline. She tells us why skincare is so important to her and what her favourite trend of the moment is…


What inspired you to start vlogging?

I have always had an “out-there” personality and as such have always enjoyed taking part in different creative outlets, such as drama in high school. I first tried my hand at a Tumblr blog where I shared all my favourite things and quotes. I then moved on to blogging and finally ended up on YouTube, where I found individuals just like me who shared everything and anything they liked while being themselves.


When did you realise beauty and fashion were your passions?

I was around 16 when I started getting into Tumblr, which is what sparked my interest in the fashion world. My interest in beauty began when I developed problematic skin – I started doing my research and experimenting with makeup to cover my acne.


What are some big wins and challenges you've had while growing your brand?

My wins have definitely been being recognised and working with big brands that I would never have imagined working with. I had high hopes and big dreams for myself in this industry and though I am still a smaller influencer and YouTuber, I have still had the opportunity to create some really cool content with some of my favourite brands.

Challenges include having a smaller following and that having an impact on how some brands may perceive your ability to create content and influence your market. Another challenge is that the YouTube and influencer communities are still fairly new in South Africa, and as a result some of the more traditional brands find it difficult to trust our abilities and what we are actually capable of doing.


What moment in your career are you most proud of?

I am definitely most proud of reaching 10 000 subscribers on my channel and having high engagement on that platform. I really do pride myself on having an engaged audience and being able to connect with my subscribers. I really feel amazing about the work that I am doing when a follower says I have impacted on their lives positively with my content.


What does a typical day look like for you?

I am an Honours student and a content creator, so every day is different. Most days see me answering emails, writing posts, filming or editing a video/post, doing my assigned readings and going through my school work, as well as browsing through YouTube and Instagram and engaging with both communities and swooning over some of my favourite feeds.


If you weren’t a content producer, what would you be doing?

Honestly, there are so many different things that I would love to do in the media space, so I find this question difficult to answer. But, my ultimate goal is to be able to do YouTube and create content full-time.

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Tell us a bit about your must-do beauty routines...

Skincare for me is super important. I don’t feel comfortable adding anything to my face before I have properly cleansed and moisturised. A simple skincare routine of cleansing, toning and moisturising morning and night goes a long way. A simple and quick brow routine is also really important and can save you so much time when you’re beating your face in a rush.


What's your holy grail makeup product and why?

Definitely a good concealer. I feel like concealer plays a huge role in my makeup routine, as it not only conceals, but it can also highlight and chisel your face.


What's your favourite makeup trend of the moment? And any trends you don't love right now?

My favourite has to be the more natural-looking brow. Although I don’t rock the natural look often (because I almost always get carried away), I love that we are moving away from the super done-up brow. I think there aren’t any trends that I don’t necessarily love at the moment.


What's the best piece of advice you've ever received?

“People will have something to say, regardless of what you’re doing, so just do whatever makes you happy.”


Who is your celeb makeup icon and why?

I wouldn’t necessarily say I have a celebrity makeup icon – I mostly look to the online beauty community for inspiration. But Kim Kardashian wears some really beautiful looks and I definitely find myself seeing smoky eyes and cut creases on her that I am always keen to try.


What’s the coolest video you’ve ever shot?

I’d say my unicorn eye look on Instagram. I love that look so much and it was definitely out of my comfort zone and gave me more confidence to play around with cool colour combos.


And finally, what does beauty mean to you?

Beauty to me means being confident and feeling your best; owning your flaws while celebrating the parts of yourself that you love.


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