Why the highlighter and contour combo is your beauty BFF

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  • Wednesday, May 30, 2018
Why the highlighter and contour combo is your beauty BFF
Why the highlighter and contour combo is your beauty BFF
Contouring is the makeup miracle we’ve all fallen in love with. If you don’t like the shape of your nose or want to make your cheekbones look higher and more prominent, it’s the best way to sculpt your appearance without any surgery! Simply explained, contouring is using a matte foundation a few shades darker than your natural skin tone to accentuate your best features. However, there is no contouring without the addition of a highlighter. The contour and highlighter combo is as close as you and your BFF. Let’s explore! 

1. The highlighter accentuates your contour

Just like you and your bestie, highlighting and contouring bring out the best in each other. If contouring creates the lines and dimensions on your face, a highlighter finishes the look by imitating what light hitting your face would do, filling in and lighting up the dark angles created by the contour. 

2. Highlighters and contours are inseparable

Contours and highlighters are usually available in kits, such as the NYX Professional Makeup Highlight & Contour Pro Palette, which makes shopping much easier and ends the headache that would come with trying to match the colour of a highlighter with the shade of your contour. The palette kits are also arranged in colours to match specific skin tones, so you can be assured that the entire palette is appropriate for your skin tone and the makeup look that you want to create. 

3. Highlighting and contouring keep enemies away 

They only care about each other. For example, we wouldn’t recommend using a bronzer as a contour or glitter as your highlighter. These products perform different functions, so you can’t substitute them for something else. Thankfully, combos such as the Maybelline Facestudio® Master Contour V-Shape Duo Stick are sold in a convenient stick with contouring matte on the one end and a highlighter on the other, helping you avoid the temptation of swapping out with other products. 


4. They complete a makeup look

If nothing else, stick to the contour and highlight combo because, if done correctly, you’ll look naturally flawless no matter the occasion. This is sweet relief for anyone intimidated by too many techniques and products to choose from.

The highlight and contour combo are begging to be your new BFFs if you’ll have them – and we have a feeling they’ll become your go-to solution in no time. If you’re keen, you can add even more dimension to your look with super shiny locks and, of course, a subtle dusting of bronzer. The glow-ready Maybelline Facestudio® Master Bronze® Kit is a must!


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