Wonderfully weird: unusual lipstick trends

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  • Tuesday, August 21, 2018
Wonderfully weird: unusual lipstick trends
Wonderfully weird: unusual lipstick trends

We can all agree that there are some pretty bizarre makeup looks out there, some of which make our skin crawl, while others we’re happy to adopt. Just when you thought nude lips were the way forward, for example, so the world decided otherwise. And who knew there was so much you could do with a good lipstick? We take a look at alternative ways to wear lipsticks, from application through to the finished pouty result.


Ombre Lips

So we don’t scare you away too quickly, we thought we’d start with one of the subtler lipstick looks. Like with your hair, ombre is the transition from dark to light. On your lips, the darker shade would live on the lip line (i.e. the outer edges), with the lighter colour visible in the middle, and the two would be beautifully blended together for a perfect transition of colours. NYX Professional Makeup Ombre Lip Duo in Hearts & Spades features coordinating shades of lip liner and satiny matte lipstick to create the perfect ombre pout.


Furry Lips

So, it’s a little wacky, but furry nails were a thing once upon a time, too! This weirdly wonderful look is best achieved using liquid lipstick topped with loose velvet. Probably a great look for the upcoming winter months – if you don’t plan on eating or drinking while rocking this trend, that is. If this look is for you then try L’Oréal Paris Infallible Mega Gloss in Bulletproof. It’ll keep your lips hydrated under all that, er, fur.


Patterned Lips

While this look makes for pretty amazing photos, it’s not well-suited for everyday activities. Still, we love how much you can do when it comes to patterned lips, especially the colours that can be incorporated. This look does, however, require a lot more products than just lipstick and lip liner, but to get you started, try Maybelline’s Colour Drama Lip Khol Pencil as a base.

Glossy dusty pink lipstick lip patterns


Squiggle Lips

What started off as a joke has now become an actual beauty trend, and we’re not completely adverse to it! As the name suggests, it requires you to create squiggled patterns just outside of your lips. Fill in this entire area (lips and surrounding skin) with lipstick. Keen to give it a go? Try  NYX Professional Makeup Jumbo Lip Pencil in any seductive shade, a lip liner and lipstick combination – perfect for achieving this sort of look.


Dripping Liquid Lips

Again, probably not the most practical of makeup looks, but boy oh boy will it turn heads! The aim here is for your lips to look like they’re wet, so, as you can imagine, it requires a whole lot of gloss. It’s best to incorporate two colours, with the darker on top for added effect. Try  Urban Decay’s Vice Liquid Lipstick as your base, and their Naked Lipgloss for a high-gloss finish.

Glossy pink lipstick


The moral of the story? Anything goes! While some of these looks are better suited to, say, a Halloween party, others, if done correctly, can do wonders for your lips. Make sure you have the right products on hand and consider following a tutorial to perfect your chosen trend first time.

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