Your handy draping how to

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  • Monday, October 15, 2018
Your handy draping how to
Your handy draping how to
Forget contouring – draping is the latest makeup trend in town! Not entirely sure what it is exactly? Get up to speed with a quick overview of draping, here.

If you’ve been stuck for new makeup ideas, or you’re just keen to try something a little different, draping may be what you need in your life right now. Here’s how to pull it off.  

What you need

First things first. As this makeup style relies entirely on it, you need to grab yourself some blush! If you’re hunting for the perfect all-round kit, look no further than NYX Professional Makeup Sweet Cheeks Blush Palette. It features eight highly pigmented and buttery-smooth colours that will work with any skin tone.

Alternatively, if you have an individual shade in mind, go for L’Oréal True Match Naturale Blush. It comes in bare honey, pinched pink, soft rose and sugar plum, all of which will brighten your skin with a healthy dose of cheek colour. 

Get the look

Draping isn’t particularly difficult to pull off, making it perfect for makeup beginners and professional alike. If you consider yourself the former, here’s what you need to do. Pick your blush of choice, swirl your brush in it, and then dust your cheekbones lightly. Start at the top and blend outwards, away from your eyes. What you’re trying to do, essentially, is sculp your cheeks using nothing more than the blush.

If you’re willing to go a bit further with draping, grab yourself two shades – one that is lighter and neutral, and the other a little darker and more vibrant. Start by applying the dark blush just below your cheekbone, like you would if you were contouring. Then, with a slightly bigger, rounder brush, apply the other, lighter blush around the apples of your cheeks, and blend it in with the darker colour.

Drape yourself in natural-looking beauty

Whatever your chosen approach, the result should be a more defined, yet still natural-looking face. That wasn’t so difficult to achieve, was it? 

That’s the beauty of draping, really – it enhances and frames an appearance stunningly, with very little effort. We truly adore this makeup trend, and hope it stays for good this time! 

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