Your must have beauty tools

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  • Thursday, October 11, 2018
Your must have beauty tools
Your must have beauty tools
Are you perhaps a little too handsy when it comes to makeup application? You may have been taught that using your fingers is best when applying things like foundation, but that advice was more than likely provided by someone who hadn’t yet been exposed to beauty tools. There to make your life a whole lot easier, your workspace a whole lot cleaner, and the application process a little more hygienic, these Urban Decay items are what your makeup bag is missing!

Urban Decay UD Pro Contour Shapeshifter Brush

This double-ended brush includes one brush for contouring, colour-correcting and blending, plus a large fan brush on the other end for highlighting. If an even, crease-free complexion is what you’re after, this multi-tasking bad boy is for you. 
blush brush

Urban Decay Naked Flushed Double-Ended Brush

 Apply your makeup with ease thanks to this double-ended brush offering. On one end you’ve got yourself a fluffy, angled brush perfect for blush and highlighter; on the other, the ultimate contour brush. For a flawless look, that requires very little effort, this one’s for you. 
dual foundation brush

Urban Decay The Finger Brush

 For perfect finger-like control with the blown-out stippling effect of a brush, this nifty makeup tool will take your eyeshadow application abilities to a whole new level. Comfortable to hold, easy to use, all that’s left is choosing an eye colour to suit you!
urban decay small blush brush

Urban Decay Angled Lip Brush

Apply your favourite lip colour perfectly using this thin pencil-like wand with soft bristles that allow for precision and comfort. Whether lipstick or lip gloss, rest assured knowing your kisser will be left looking smooth, soft and even every time.

urban decay micro blush brush

Urban Decay Makeup Bag

Now what good are all these makeup products if there’s nowhere to keep them? Fortunately, this beautifully designed pouch fits all of your favourite makeup tools inside and, thanks to the zipper, allows you to take it with you wherever you go!
multiple blush brushes

So, what are you waiting for? The beauty tools that’ll have you questioning how you ever lived without them are available online, or from Urban Decay’s store in Sandton City.  

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